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The garage protects some of your most costly assets - the car being the most obvious, with tools, skis, bikes, etc. running close behind. You want a garage that will not only secure these precious items, but also be functional based on your needs. Getting something that works "off the shelf" is next to impossible. Not just from a style point of view, but from a function point of view. A trusted design professional that can custom design to your hobbies and functional needs. If the sole purpose of your garage is to park your cars, then the interior design is easy. But, if you expect your garage to do more, it gets a little more complicated. A good interior design dedicates different areas of the garage to different purposes. If you are thinking of a garage remodel, getting the help from a qualified builder professional is definitely worth the investment and long run resale value. Check out this project book for some garage remodels by S&J Properties, and give us a call about your project today!